Music, music, and more music

Article by Alyssa Badger - SJHS Student Staff Writer

Music is all around us. Whether it be in your earbuds, on a speaker in your backpack, or on the radio on your way to school, everyone listens to some form of it. There are plenty of students here that go to music as a way to cope with the stress of school and just life in general.

Tyler Shurtliff, a ninth grader, says his favorite musical artists are “James Bay, Young the Giant, Milky Chance, and Eden Project." He gets most of his music on spotify and occasionally from other people. He says that Spotify is his go to when listening to music. His current favorite song is “either ‘XO - Eden Project’ or ‘Them Dirty Bones - Mike Waters’ “

Elise Fleshner, a ninth grader, loves music. She regularly posts songs that she likes on her instagram story. She plays all of her music on spotify which is also where she finds most of the stuff she listens to. Her favorite bands include “21 Pilots, Blossom, Petite Biscuit, and Vampire Weekend.” She says her favorite song right now is “March to the Sea by 21 Pilots.”

Chris Davis, another ninth grader, claims his current favorite song to be “Blue Collar Man by Styx.” He regularly listens to music throughout out the school day through his earbuds. “Me or Bon Jovi,” he says to be his favorite artists. He mostly listens to music on spotify which also where he finds it.

Music is a very universal thing but everyone likes different types and uses it for different reasons.