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National Junior Honors Society

Submitted by tara.pina on Tue, 11/27/2018 - 11:49
Article written by: Elizabella Francom

Have you ever heard about NJHS and wondered what it means? Well it means National Junior Honor Society. In NJHS you have the opportunity to do a lot of fun and exciting service projects, such as going to Art City Elementary and helping out with the carnival, going to the citizen center and singing songs to bring in the holiday joy! Mrs. Ottley is the teacher in charge of NJHS, she said “NJHS is a great way to do service and get good leadership skills.”

Being in NJHS is so much fun! Katie Durfey said “I like NJHS because it gives you good service opportunities,you  get to be apart of the community, and you get to be around people who also want to serve.” In NJHS there is a presidency, Cooper Acor is the president, Zach Jackson is first vice president, and Ashlee Edwards is the service coordinator. Cooper said “ I liked being the president because he gets to help people in NJHS, serve the community, and you get to help people.” NJHS is really fun and good for college resumes, it shows that you like doing service! 

NJHS sounds so much fun and you get to do all of these fun things. NJHS is a great way to serve others and to have fun!