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New Citizenship Program For The School

Submitted by tara.pina on Thu, 12/27/2018 - 12:07
Article written by: Remick Whiting

Recently our school started a new program, chivalry citizenship. What it is, is all the students get a card that has a bunch of awards on it such as extra credit,a free treat or a free tardy. How it works is if you have a good citizenship grade you can use these rewards to go to lunch 5 minutes early and get $1 off of a dance/Play. Most students are happy about the change, Kelly Robertson said “I like the chivalry card because we get to go to lunch early also, I like the free treat because we get free food.” On the chivalry cards there are three early lunches. When you use them you get to go to lunch 5 minutes early so you have a chance of getting the food you want. “I like the chivalry card because they give us free hall passes. In my classes I only get three hall passes and when they run out i don’t get any more so the free hall passes on the cards are nice,” Said Emyliah Colon. Most teachers in our school only give us three hall passes. These hall passes have to last you about 2 months and if you use them all up then your out until next term. It is nice to have these options that are on the card just in case you need them. I am looking forward to the next chivalry party which is the party we get if we have good grades and a good citizenship grade. I’ve heard rumors that it is going to be a skating party. Either ice skating or rollerblading. I hope you're looking forward to it too!