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Poetry in Mrs. Bass’ Class

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Thu, 04/28/2016 - 11:10
Caitlin Buhler; SJHS Staff Writer

Mrs. Bass, an English teacher, assigned her students to memorize a poem, and recite it. They could either recite the poem on Monday, April 11 for 5 points extra credit, or on Friday,  April 15. The poem requirements were that you had to choose your poem from websites that Mrs. Bass suggested, and that you should relate to the poem you are reciting; you should not just say it was short and easy.

Tyler Kelly, an eighth grade student, said, “My poem was about how on the surface of the moon it is bright and happy, but on the inside it is dark and sad.” Tyler said he thinks it relates to life and society. He also really enjoys poetry.

Clint Mickelson, another eighth grade student, said, “Poetry is like music, and Kanye West writes songs, so poetry is super cool.” 

Mrs. Bass said, “I choose to teach poetry because it is an important way of teaching reading and writing. Poetry can also serve as a way for students to express themselves through figurative language, focus on grammar and conventions as tools for creative meaning, and foster trust and empathy in a classroom community when shared with others.”

Several other English classes, including Mrs. Maughan, Mrs. Ottley, Mrs. Pina, and Ms. Jensen also hosted class poetry slams in preparation for the school slam on Wednesday, April 27.