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Submitted by tara.pina on Wed, 12/14/2016 - 11:10
Article by Anya Keil and Rainy Hickman

This week we decided to ask people here at SJHS how they feel about the recent presidential change and what they would do if they were president. 

We asked a few kids who they would have voted for. Brayden Zubia said he would have voted for HIllary Clinton and Jordan Folsom said “Still Trump”. Now there are many mixed feelings about the president that has risen, but here at SJHS everyone is accepted in the community no matter what their standing point is. Braydan said “Of course not” when asked if he himself would be a good president but everyone has potential to rule the world.

Bridget Hickman, and 7th grader, said she would’ve voted for and she said Clinton. Do you think you would make a good president? “Heck no,” she said, laughing. “My ideal president is Josh Dun(Twenty One Pilots), obviously,” she said when asked who her ideal president is.

Haylee Peterson, a 9th grader, said “If I had to chose between Hillary and Trump, I’d vote for Trump" when asked who she would vote for. When we asked her what she would do if she was president, she said that she would paint the White House rainbow. I asked her if she would make a good president, she just laughed and said no. Her ideal president is Evan Peters.  (an actor in X MEN)

So who’s your ideal president? Do you think America can be run any of the people named previously? Why or why not?