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Red Ribbon Week Encourages Kids to Say No!

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Tue, 11/03/2015 - 12:34
Ryann Brockbank; SJHS Staff Writer
Jenessa Crystal, Jade Poulson and Bethany Stewart dressed as nerds for Red Ribbon Week

“I’m very excited about Red Ribbon Week!” said Ms. Murray, the food exploration teacher here at Springville Junior High. Red Ribbon Week is a week specifically put together to warn students of the dangers of alcohol and drug use at our school. Red Ribbon Week was October 5-9. Ms. Murray was in charge of putting this week together. To kick off Red Ribbon Week, Zero Fatalities came on Friday, October 2, to give a presentation on underage drinking and drug abuse. 

Laney Scott, an eighth grader, said, “I like how there is an activity every day, so students can participate.” Monday was pajama day. “I like coming to school in my pajamas!” said Ryan Popham, an eighth grader at SJHS. Tuesday was crazy hair and sock day. “I went all out on crazy hair day!” said Gabbie Grimes, an eighth grader. Wednesday, was a day to be a hero, with superhero day.  Eighth grader, Jenessa Crystal said, “I liked superhero day because of the theme, the costumes, and the activity during lunch.” Thursday, one of the most popular days, was nerd day. “I loved dress like a nerd day; that’s like everyday for me!” said Mr. Rowley, assistant principal of SJHS.  And Friday, to show our school spirit and to unite as a school, we all pitched in and wore red, and pledged to not take drugs.

As a school, according to McKenna Patterson, an eighth grade student, we have Red Ribbon Week to prepare students to resist “under the influence” drinking and drug use. She says it is good for us to go to school and learn that lesson. Our world today is a dangerous place. “We want the students to have fun and be safe,” Mr. Rowley said.

Drugs are powerful and a potentially dangerous, life taking device. Red Ribbon Week is designed to help us! “Go SJHS!” said Nate Conrad, an eighth grader.