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Red Ribbon Week

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Thu, 11/13/2014 - 09:11
Hailey Sandate, SJHS Staff Writer
Eighth grade students "Scare Drugs away with Crazy Hair" for Red Ribbon Week.
Cayla Giles, a ninth grader, with crazy hair for Red Ribbon Week.

At Springville Junior High everyone likes to show that they are drug free. The week before Fall Break, October 12-15, was Red Ribbon Week.  Red Ribbon Week is only once a year. 

“I have really liked the fun activities we had at lunch this year, and the dress-up days are always fun! I love seeing other teachers get involved,” said Mrs. Murray, a teacher at SJHS. 

SJHS did an activity every day in support of Red Ribbon. On Monday the theme was "Don’t sleep through life! Get educated and be drug-free", and students wore pajamas to school.  On Tuesday it was "Stomp out drugs and wear your craziest socks!" and on Wednesday it was "Scare drugs away with crazy hair!" 

“The meaning of Red Ribbon Week  is to spread awareness,” said Jared Buhler, who is on the student council.         

“The meaning of Red Ribbon Week is to inform the students about drugs and alcohol and tell them the effects,” said Maren Pilcher, another member of student council.