RUN! For Track

Article by Trey Widtfeldt - SJHS Student Staff Writer

Track is coming up, and it's a pretty simple thing to do. You run, you jump, and then you biff it because the hurdle was too high. It's coached by Mr. Hammon, the health teacher, and Mrs. Bodily, one of the math teachers. Diego Clark is one of Mr. Hammon’s students, and Mrs. Bodily is his advisory teacher, who has taken in the idea of going to the first track meet. Diego said, “I really want to go to track meet, because I have always thought it was fun to run, I think i’m really fast, albeit, I have a really weak amount of stamina. I also really want to go as Mr. Hammon is one of my favorite teachers, and he was one of the primary aspects that motivated me to join track, I also know Mrs. Bodily, so it shouldn’t be too awkward if I don’t know anybody there.” Diego also noted that he in fact knows a lot of people going to track, such friends like Wheeler Sedgeley, Caleb Judd, and Gavin Jones are a few to name. They all stated that they have plans to do so too, and they really enjoy the aspect of running and any gym classes for that matter as well. They all also said that if it goes well, they would most certainly do it again for next year. So if you are looking for something to occupy your time, Track is a great thing to do!