Sam Daybell’s Music

Jocelynn Garner SJHS Student Staff Writer


Sam Daybell, a ninth grader at Springville Jr. High makes music. He’s been making music since he was in seventh grade. For three years now he’s learned new things with how to make music. Sam makes electronic music. He uses his piano to make some of the sounds then he uses virtual instruments and his laptop to mix it into a song. He makes his music up in his attic. How mysterious and edgy is that? Making music is like a hobby to Sam. When he's bored it gives him something to do. Unfortunately no one listens to his music but possibly someday if he wants people will be able to hear his music worldwide. The most difficult part with making this music is that no one understands what it takes to create the music. “A lot I people think you just put loops together, it's not that simple; deeper than you think.” Sam said describing one of the difficulties in making music. “It can be hard to create all of the sounds, mix it and master it.” said Sam. Everything is so expensive. You have to save up for equipment. Although with creating music it has it's difficult times, it's “fun to see what you can make.” said Sam. “Once you listen to it on a CD it's like woah I made this.” Sam said remembering the proud feeling after making a song. He does play the piano but he feels more like a programmer more than a musician at times because it is a lot of technical use rather than instruments. His favorite three artists are Daft Punk, Skrillex and Getter. His favorite song is Digital Love by Daft Punk. Hopefully Sam will continue creating great music and you'll have the chance to listen to it. Goodluck Sam with your music!