School’s almost over, what do you think?

Article by Esmeralda Montoya - SJHS Student Staff Writer

Springville Jr High is almost to the last days of school. Kids here at SJHS have loved the school, the school has so many amazing things that happen here. The Talent Show, Hope week, etc, Students at Springville Jr High have loved the school because of all the fun they got to do. It’s really sad that this year is ending, but there is always next year. This year has been a blast, but next year will be a much more enjoyable year.

“It has been good. Not to hard or to easy, but fun” explain Emma Caren on her opinion about Springville Jr High. here at SJHS we have fine arts programs like orchestra. “Orchestra is really fun” said Emma Carner. Matthew King also explains how this year was really fun. Freda Gomes also points out how she likes this school and that it’s been a good year so far. “This year here at Springville Jr High was enjoyable. Being with friends here has been really fun. Meeting new people is also a cool thing.” said Freida Gomez. Matthew King loves everything here so much that he can't pick which part was his favorite, he liked everything. He also liked his teachers “They’re really cool!” he exclaimed.

Springville Jr High has been really amazing this year, and next year will be even better. It’s a really great school. There are so many things to do at here, and the teachers here are great. We also have an awesome principal and cool assistant principals. Springville Jr High is a good school to be in because people learn and they learn in a pleasant way; So come back next year to our school and you’ll have an awesome place to learn. So many people love it here and so many will continue to for many years to come.