The secret life of Mrs. Porter

Article by Stazie Killpack - SJHS Student Staff Writer

Mrs. Porter is a history teacher here at Springville Jr, she taught at the old school for 1 year, and has taught for the 3 years that this new school has been running. Mrs. Porter hasn’t always been Mrs. Porter, before she got married she was Mrs. Brennan and still gets called that from time to time. Mrs. Porter has been married for 2 years now to Seth Porter; they have no kids, but depending on how her students have behaved that day would like to have 5. She spends her free time watching Netflix, mountain biking and playing with her dog.

She wanted to be a history teacher because of an amazing past teacher Mr. Harnett. He inspired her, and she wants to give that same inspiration to her students. She has 2 brothers and 2 sisters; three of them are married giving her a total of 7 brothers and sisters. One of her brothers when she was younger put a live rat covered in goo in her hair. It died in there and they had to go to Fantastic Sams to get it cut out.

Her favorite unit to teach recently has been the revolutionary war, because her students really enjoy learning about it.

Jessica Hermann, an eighth grade girl, says that,” Mrs. Porter’s more of a friend then a teacher.”

“She gives you time to do your assignments and makes them fun and easy to do.” Payton Johnson explains.

One really fun activity they did was a reenactment of The Trail of Tears. The students were the Cherokee Native Americans and Mrs. Porter was the soldiers keeping them in line. Madison Parker said that this activity was one of her favorites.

Springville is very grateful for the work Mrs. Porter puts into her lessons activities and grudge ball games. We are lucky to have her!