Seka’s Advice! Week 1

Article by Sekaquaptewa Groves, SJHS Student Staff Writer

This week I asked people to send in their questions. Here are the results!

Greg wolf 5000 asked: Hey Seka. So I enjoy the company of this guy and he brushed my hand the other day. Does that mean he wants to hold my hand? Because if I don't get his body language soon he will stop talking to me.  I really like him so please help me. As I said he is not patient at all. Please help.

A: Personally, I think that it was an accident, but he still might be into you. You should just be yourself around him and if he likes you he will make a move. If he stops talking to you he is not worth your time. If there is any other "body language" make sure to write back. Good luck!

Q: Are eyebrows considered facial hair? And if so, does that mean that almost everyone on Earth has facial hair?

A: Eyebrows are facial hair. Even if were not considered facial hair everybody still has light hairs on their faces. Thanks for the question!

Q: I need rhymes for these words silver, purple, month, ninth, pint, wolf, opus, dangerous, marathon and discombobulate

A:chilver, Urkel, unth, scythe, dreint, wearwolf, empurple, go piss, endanger us, aragonne, and ovulate. If this turns into a rap I get credits.

Q:I have a lot of homework. How do I keep myself focused? How do I not fall too far behind and end up with missing assignments?

A: What I do to focus is put away my phone. That is my biggest distraction when I do my homework. Maybe have someone hide it from you. Also, get organized! If you can keep track of all your assignments it's easier to actually finish them. Last thing, make sure to turn in all your finished assignments. The sooner you turn them in the less likely you are to lose them.