Article by Sekaquaptewa Groves, SJHS Student Staff Writer

Q: I have a lot of homework. How do I keep myself focused? How do I not fall too far behind and end up with missing assignments?

A: What I do to focus is put away my phone. That is my biggest distraction when I do my homework. Maybe have someone hide it from you. Also, get organized! If you can keep track of all your assignments it's easier to actually finish them. Last thing, make sure to turn in all your finished assignments. The sooner you turn them in the less likely you are to lose them.

Q: Do you ever doubt the existence of others than you?

A: Now that you bring it up, i totally do. What if this is all a dream

Q: Do you think this is proof that Nicolas Cage is a time traveler?

A: Yes.

Q. Why do humans matter? We are born as a baby, struggle our entire life with everything from finding food to eat, homes to live in, educating ourselves to gain more understanding, staying healthy, making friends and relationships, raising a family, earning a living, and then we die. If we have more accomplishments in life, earn more money, have more friends, raise a bigger family, and somehow do everything better than anyone else, we will still eventually die. Right? In a world teaming with 8.7 million different life forms, how do humans fit in?

Every past civilization, with their manmade structures, machines, systems, and cultures, has eventually succumbed to Mother Nature. Plants, animals, bacteria, and fungi methodically remove every trace of what we leave behind. Why are humans important? Does the fact that we can ask questions like these, ponder the unponderable, think the unthinkable, and accomplish things that no other species can accomplish, somehow give us a higher purpose? Are humans destined to become the guardians, caretakers, and eventually the masters of the universe?

A: You're right that humans are all born to die. If that's true, then I think our purpose is to leave things to make things better for the people that come after us. I'm not sure if we are destined to become matters of the universe, because there is a high chance that there is other life elsewhere. If you look at how much humans have changed our little earth we have really accomplished a lot. Don't think about it too much, because you will never have all the answers. Some things are supposed to be mysterious.