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Submitted by tara.pina on Sun, 10/23/2016 - 20:48
Article by Sakari Duvall and Brenna Carlton

Most students in 9th grade at Springville Junior High take advantage of a special opportunity to participate in a different type of elective during release time. These students take a seminary class for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Some students have seminary early in the morning before school, and some have it during the day for one of their class periods. There are two teachers: Brother Jepsen and Brother Hurst. 

Haylee Carpenter, a 9th grade girl, has Brother Jepsen as a teacher and she thinks that he is super cool, and funny. “He’s so nice, and really spiritual,” she says. She loves every second of seminary and would definitely take it next year. When asked what the purpose of seminary is, she replied, “The purpose of seminary is to strengthen our testimonies (of the LDS church) and to learn more.”

Simon Smith is a 9th grade boy who participates in seminary as well. He loves his teacher, Brother Jepsen. “It is a trek having to walk across the street,” he says. He has it first period and wouldn’t change it because they don’t mark you a tardy. “Seminary isn’t really for school, it’s for church and it brings me closer to God,” Simon says. He loves seminary!

Caitlin Buhler is another 9th grade girl who likes seminary. She says, “Brother Jepsen is really funny, and it’s still a great experience even if you don’t like it.” She has seminary first period, and loves it, but wishes it wasn’t always so cold. “The purpose of seminary is to encourage spiritual learning,” she says. She wants to take it in high school.

Brady Distefano, a 9th grader, likes seminary because he gets a break from school. He does not like it when he is walking outside because he is always late. “I have seminary fourth period, but I wish I had it seventh period because I am already outside and can leave afterwards,” Brady says. He has Brother Hurst and he really likes him because it is such a fun class.

Kaybrie Pratt, a 9th grade girl, absolutely loves seminary. She says, “The class is way fun and it’s super spiritual.” She has it fourth period, which is right before lunch, with Brother Jepsen. “Seminary helps me to be connected with Christ,” Kaybrie says. It’s really fun and it helps a lot with my spiritual learning.

Ishmael Mavae, a 9th grade guy likes seminary. When asked what he likes about seminary, he said,”I love the drinking fountains, I get my fill of holy water.” He has seminary fourth period with Brother Hurst, along with Brady. He says that the purpose of seminary is to uplift kids in a way.

So that is seminary for you!