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Seventh Graders' Day Out

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Fri, 02/26/2016 - 12:08
Joseph Harrison; SJHS staff writer

It’s Friday! Not only does this bring the long awaited weekend, but this particular Friday means something else. Friday, February 5th, also known as job shadow day. 

Job shadow day is a special day where seventh grade students follow an adult through their occupation, and learn about what they do. “Job shadow day is a structured career activity where students play an active role in learning,” Mr. Rencher, the CTE/Workshop teacher at SJHS, said. “[It helps] students understand connections between education and careers.”

“I think it’s helpful to find out what you want to be when you grow up,” Daniel Harrison, a seventh grader at SJHS, said. Daniel job shadowed a Reams associate, saying that it was a good opportunity.

According to Clark Warren, another seventh grader taking part in job shadow day at SJHS, job shadow day is a great way to get job experience, not to mention an exciting way. “I’m excited because I get to skip school,” Clark said. Clark shadowed an elementary school teacher. “I kind of want to be a teacher,” he said about his choice. 

Job shadow day is a really good thing for students, because they get job experience, are able to explore things they like, and have fun while doing it.