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Seventh Graders, how are you liking SJHS?

Submitted by tara.pina on Tue, 11/22/2016 - 11:11
Article by Sakari Duvall

Ever wonder how the seventh graders are liking being in junior high? Since this is their first year in Junior High, it is a big difference from being in Elementary School.

Josh Larson said that he likes the junior high a lot better than Elementary. His favorite part about school is P.E. and Science. He says that he loves P.E. and that science is fun. Josh likes having a locker, sometimes. Josh got it lucky this year because he says that his classes are really easy to get to.

Karly Hickman says that the school is overall, pretty good. She said, ”I like Quest because you can really do anything you want.” She has a top locker and says that it is okay but would prefer a bottom locker. Karly, agreeing with Josh, says that it is easy for her to get to one class to another.

Will Udall says that the junior high is going good for him. His most favorite part of school is P.E. because he gets to see most of his friends. He says that he enjoys having a locker, and that it is easy for him to get to all of his classes without having tardies.

Mia Roberts says that school is alright for her. She says, “There is a lot of freedom and it is way better than Elementary School.” She even said that she has a bottom locker and that she likes it! It is also easy to get around the school.

Bradey Mortensen said that school is going good for him. His favorite part about school is when he gets to be with his friends, because he said it makes school fun for him. He doesn’t mind having a locker and he says that it is easy for him to get to all of his classes.

Ashley Edwards said, “ School is fun and really good.” She says that she likes having the freedom that we get because they treat you like an older kid that you are. She likes having a locker and that it is really easy to get to all of her classes.

Glad you are all liking junior high!