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Sharing is Caring

Submitted by tara.pina on Wed, 12/18/2019 - 13:16
Article written by student: Chantel Furner

Sharing is Caring. Why was the two weeks of giving important? Who, what, why and when. 

Who does it go to, what was the purpose, why did we do it, when was it? Mandy Miller said, “ I think the school did it because people in this small town don’t have anything will get things for free so that they won’t have to pay for coats for their kids.'' This is an amazing quote.  Emmalee Boorman said “ they did it for the people that are less fortunate than us.” I asked why the school did the 2 weeks of giving and Aspen Cook said, “ So that they can have things than having to try to get a job or stay on the street to get money for a coat.” I asked do you think that it will make an impact? Mandy said, “ Yes, so that the people who don't have things. The schools 2 weeks of giving was a success. We donated over 1,000 pieces of clothes.