The SJHS Band

Article by Lindsay Gardiner

Students like taking band at SJHS for lots of different reasons. Some students like learning how to play new songs on their instruments. Other students think it’s fun and like playing instruments with their friends.

8th grader Kaylee Smyth said that something she likes to do is “To learn new pieces and see what it’s like when it all comes together all instruments combined.” Also, 8th grader Ashley Donahue said she liked it “When we learn new songs like right now we’re learning Star Wars.”

Mr. Booth might be making band a little to fun because 8th grader Taylor Crook said “Sometimes I can't help myself so I play when I’m not supposed to.” Plus Kaylee said she likes Mr. Booth since he “Is awesome.”

Ashley said she plays the trumpet because her brother played it so she thought it would be fun to learn and Kaylee said she wanted to learn to play the clarinet since her mom and aunt played it so she wanted to play it also.

Mr. Booth is making this a fun year learning songs and having concerts for these students. Now we’ll see them and many others have the time of their lives this year in band.