SJHS, Bilingual?


Did you know there are a group of students at SJHS that have been speaking a second language since kindergarten? The class available here at Springville Jr is called Dual Language Immersion. You learn about the culture of spanish speaking countries, and dive straight into the spanish language. In this article, you’ll learn all about the class that is Dual Language Immersion, including who can do it, why they should or shouldn’t do it, and much more.

Spanish Immersion has many benefits for joining. Rachel Ellingson joined because she “...wanted the opportunity to enhance her language skills.” Mrs. Edman, culture and language teacher, told us another upside of learning spanish culture and linguistic abilities, saying “There are many benefits to being bilingual… it will greatly benefit them in their future careers.” She later said that they are currently receiving high school credit for the courses they’re taking.

Most of the people taking the class have been doing it and known each other since kindergarten. Five of the six people that we interviewed told us they had done it since the program began at Westside Elementary, during their kindergarten year. Since they have been doing it so long, they have become impressively proficient at the spanish language.

The large majority of the class told us they enjoyed being in the two classes they take each semester, with only one person saying they didn’t like it. Colton Balagna, 7th grader, told us “My favorite thing about it is learning the different cultures of the different countries.” Others told us they really liked the chance to interact with each other, since they had been together since kindergarten. Gilbert Villarreals,7th grader, said his favorite thing about spanish immersion is, “...english is harder for me, speaking in spanish in class makes it easier.”

There are some downsides however, Mrs. Bass, English teacher in the Spanish Immersion told us, “Students use up 2 electives each semester.” They also have two classes together with the same group of kids, so for people who like making friends it may be kind of hard. Angle Patino told us he didn’t like it because he didn’t think he was as proficient as other kids, because he speaks english at home.

To end, Dual Language Immersion is a very useful class, helping you in jobs in your future, and giving you high school credit. You’re surrounded by the best of the best, who has been learning spanish since kindergarten, that can help you through it.