SJHS Indian Club Heads to the State Capitol

Seka Groves SJHS Student Staff Writer


On Monday, February 6th, a group of students from SJHS that are involved in the Title VI program went to  the Utah State Capitol. Title VI is a group that helps Native American students in schools. The Nebo Title VI program has a 100% graduation rate. SJHS has many Native American students that meet every Friday for advisory.

The purpose of the field trip was to help these students learn more about how the government works. They listened to a report on intergenerational poverty, which affects many Native American families. After that they took a tour of the State Capital. They saw the rotunda, which has paintings of moments in Utah's history. They also saw the Governor's office, and wrote him a note asking him to hang the flags of the tribes of Utah outside the capitol. They then went and saw the House, Senate, and Utah Supreme Court.

The students said they learned more about the state's government. Onikah Locklear said that she learned who her senator is. When asked about their favorite part both Isaac Dial and Onikah said they like lunch the best. The Title VI group here at Springville Jr. high looks forward to more field trips in the future.