SJHS Journalism

Article by Micah Schmitz, SJHS Student Staff Writer

If you are reading this, you probably have a decent idea of what SJHS’s journalism staff is.

But if you don't, read on, and maybe think about doing this class next year.

Journalism is a class you can take in eighth  and ninth  grade. Its purpose  is for students to post articles about current events, teacher spotlights, or even pieces on memes of 2016. It's a smaller class at an honors english level taught by Mrs. Piña.

When asked, some of the journalism staff said they prefered creative writing over journalism. When asked why, Trey Widtfeldt said “I have had more experience in creative writing, which is why I like it more.”  

While creative writing may encourage creativity, journalism can be more interesting, as it deals with the truth, and current events.

Another student said, “Journalism is better than creative writing, because you actually write more, because you have to do an article a week. And you can do it about stuff actually happening, so you don't have to think of an idea.”

All and all, if you like interesting, fun, writing classes, you should take journalism next year.