SJHS loses MVP Ms. Hamilton

Article by Lizzie Kurban - SJHS Student Staff Writer

Unfortunately SJHS has to say goodbye to one of our very beloved teachers, Ms. Hamilton. Springville Jr. very much appreciates her and everything she’s done for our school and we’re going to miss her very much.

Ms. Hamilton has had a great experience teaching at our school, she’s had very many fun, funny memories with students and faculty. “It’s been awesome, I’ve loved it.” she said.

She´s also learned some things from the people she’s met while she’s been here. “ I’ve learned from the students to not take life so seriously sometimes, you have to laugh and be happy.” She’s also loved getting to know the other teachers here. She´s made a lot of great memories with them she´s grateful to have made so many good friendships.

One last piece of advice that she wants to share with the students is, ¨remember to have fun, but still work hard. Don´t be afraid to nerd out and have fun about learning. And just be there for eachother and take care of eachother.¨

Plans for the future? Next year she´s going to be working as a district specialist, so she'll come to the counseling office at our school as well as other schools from time to time, so be sure to say hi if you see her.

But someday she hopes to be working with rescue animals. She´s always had a love of animals and she hopes that someday she can work with them or at volunteer at a shelter or something like that.

Thank you, Ms. Hamilton for the work you've done for our school. We're going to miss you very much, good luck with your new job. Keep being awesome. :)