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SJHS is making a start for Fame

Submitted by tara.pina on Fri, 01/13/2017 - 15:51
Article by Emma Biesinger

SJHS is preparing for this year's school play. The school plays are something that every student enjoys and we can’t wait! But before you can do the play you need people (or students) to be in the play. 

The play this year is a musical play and movie called Singin’ in the Rain. The movie came out in 1952 and it is a classic. Auditions for the play are on January 10-11. The students will be asked to sing 16 measures (or 1 verse) of a song of their choice from a musical play or movie. Callbacks are on January 12 and the dancing portion will be done then.

There are a lot of students that are trying out for the play, some of these students are Mckay Dalley, Daniel Kawai, Amanda Garner, Parker Stewart, Hannah Henage, Lincoln Wright, Ammon Elzinga, Monte Taylor, Jenny Wallentine, Hannah Mason, Tori Hunt, Scout Benson, and Kennedy Bird.

Lots of these students have been in previous plays such as Music Man and Crazy for You, and some have been in plays outside of school such as Cinderella the Musical and Annie.

The songs these students are singing said that they chose that song because it was in their range and that they like the song. Some students hadn’t yet figured out what they wanted to sing but they will figure it out soon. Some of the songs are from the musical Les Mis and some are Disney related.

There are lots of funny and exciting roles in this musical. Some of the main characters names are, Don Lockwood, Kathy Selden, Cosmo Brown, and Lina Lamont. Most boys that are trying out said they wanted to be the funny, Cosmo Brown or just someone in the background, girls said about the same thing that they would like be Kathy or Lina or someone in the background. Most of them said they would just be happy to get in.

Tori Hunt said, “I’m trying out because the play is an awesome opportunity to do something outside of school and it gives you lots experience if you want to make it a profession.” Tori explained that if she got in she was be so happy and she also explained that she loves getting to know other people in the cast and she loves to grow closer as a cast and her favorite part is when they are perform is explains that it’s like you are just with your friends.

Scout Benson loves acting and singing and it has been her passion for as long as she can remember. For her audition she is singing “On my Own” from the musical Les Mis. Scout explained that she would be so happy if she got in.

Ammon Elzinga has been in the last couple of plays at our school such as Music Man and Crazy for You. Ammon said, “My friends are trying out and I’ve done it in the past and I like musicals.” He is trying out or the character Cosmo.

Lincoln Wright said, “I’m trying out cause I’ve don’t it for two years and I thought it would be fun.” Lincoln also wants to be Cosmo one of the main characters. He has also been in Music Man and Crazy for You.  “Yes I am excited for Singin’ in the Rain it is a classic and it’s really good.”

The cast list will be posted on January 14th. Good luck to all of those who are trying out!