SJHS P.E. Classes try Archery

Somer Johnson, SJHS Staff Writer
Mrs. Kelly Anderson, SJHS PE teacher, helps seventh-grade students with their archery skills.

This year Springville junior High School P.E. students are learning new sports like archery.  The boys and girls P.E. classes are going co-ed for a little while where the boys and girls work together with archery and frisbee golf.  The P.E. classes started both sports around the end of September and are finishing some time in October.

Mr. Ken Van Ausdal, principal of SJHS, asked Mrs. Anderson, girls P.E. teacher, and Mr. Parker, boys P.E. teacher, what new sports they would like to teach.  Mrs. Anderson chose archery and Mr. Parker chose frisbee golf.  Mrs. Anderson said, “I like archery because you can do it at any age.” Mrs. Anderson also said, “I still do archery.”

In archery students stand behind cones as they shoot an arrow.  Students also learn how to retrieve arrows without getting hurt. Alyvia Woolsey, a seventh grader at SJHS, said, “I love archery.  I just love the excitement from when you hit the target.”