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Speech and Debate Class

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Mon, 11/10/2014 - 15:43
Lexi Rogers, SJHS Staff Writer

This year students have been given many electives to choose from. Some of the teachers have had to take on extra classes so that we would have many different opportunities to learn different skills. One of these classes is the Speech and Debate class.

“I love teaching this class. It is really fun to hear what all the students have to say and see their fun personalities,” said Ms. Neeley, the Speech and Debate teacher.

The Speech and Debate class is only half a year so they have to work hard and fast. In the first term they have been working on different kinds of speeches. They have done icebreaker speeches, a narrative speech, and are working on persuasive speeches.

“It’s pretty fun. It’s not like other classes, Ms. Neeley lets us talk. It’s a fun class,” said Carter Shepherd, an eighth grade student at SJHS.

“It’s a fun class to take and teaches you a lot about speaking to people and persuading them,” said Julia Collier, a ninth grade student at SJHS.

The Speech and Debate class is a fun, informative, helpful class for all those who want to learn to communicate better with people.