Article by Jenny Wallentine - SJHS Student Staff Writer

Here at Springville we are a very sports oriented community, whether itś school, city league or club; most kids take part in some sort of after school sports activity. Some of the most desired sports or the most popular activities are Basketball, Volleyball, and Football.

Zach Mitchell, an 8th grader here at SJHS participates in many sports such as Lacrosse, basketball and football, his favorite sport is Lacrosse and he is a big fan of the Jazz, Utah’s basketball team. Zach has been doing football almost all of his life and lacrosse for 5 years. Tucker Kelsey, also an 8th grader plays Rugby, football, wrestling, and basketball. He was on the wrestling team for SJHS. His favorite sports teams are the Broncos, the Calves, the Jazz, and all things U of U.

Girls around here also play many sports but mainly different kinds. Ella Stoddard plays Softball, soccer, track, and basketball. She however, does not follow any sports teams. Victoria Hunt plays Volleyball and is on a ballroom dance team. Victoria has been doing dance for 12 almost 13 years, since she was 2!

A student teacher at our school Miss Merrill says her favorite sport is basketball and she actually coached for a few years! In high school she also did Volleyball and Track.

SJHS has many sports teams such as tennis, basketball, wrestling, track, and many more. So be sure to try and get to be a part of a community and get involved in sports!