The spotlight of Fatima Toure

Article by Jocelynn Garner - SJHS Student Staff Writer

Many of you may know Fatima. She is very funny and outspoken. She is great at soccer and could not live without it. Depression is a challenge and unfortunately she has to overcome it. No one can resist food, neither can Fatima. Food is a true blessing. Clowns are her biggest fear. Hopefully none show up at her house, because that is her favorite place to be. Her favorite thing to do is sleep. I mean, who doesn't love to sleep? Although she's only traveled to Washington D.C. it was a great trip for her. “Lead others in a good way.” That's what true leadership means to Fatima. Out of flying cars, robot house cleaners or moon cities she'd want flying cars. The reason be is that you could get to places faster. She would love to be a hairstylist just for done day to dye people's hair. We all have that one phrase we say all the time and her’s is “ugh!” Hard work is success, according to Fatima. If she had the chance she'd tell her future self, “you fiiiiine!” Clearly she's an exciting and amazing person.