Spotlight: Leah Davis

Article by Rainy Hickman, SJHS Student Staff Writer

Leah Davis is a 9th grade girl that is an amazing student that a lot of people don’t know. The electives she did, or is doing this year is photography, choir, and drama. The reason why she chose these electives is because they sounded interesting and she loves them.

She wouldn’t consider herself well know due to her little bubble, meaning she keeps to herself and doesn’t talk to people she doesn’t already know.

She has six pets. Two cats, three dogs, and one chicken. The cats names are Cody and Yaven. The dogs names are Peanut, Buttercup, and Guinea. Her one chicken is named Blue. She loves her pets a lot and doesn’t know what she would do without them.

“I do color guard at the high school, and it's cool.” She’s been doing color guard for about a year now. She’s made a lot of friends due to color guard, and is glad she joined. It does take up a lot of her schedule, but she mentioned it's worth it.

So that is the spotlight on Leah Davis. She really is a great person, and if you’re looking for a nice, caring friend, go to her, because she is the person you are looking for.