Spotlight on Mr. Krebs

Article by Saydie Vanleuven - SJHS Student Staff Writer

Mr. Krebs is currently a seventh and eighth grade math teacher at Springville Junior High School. He is retiring, but he has been teaching for 33 years at Springville Junior High school, he decided to become a teacher because he likes to help students and to him when a student learns something new it is very satisfying.

His favorite thing about SJHS is definitely the students. His favorite sport is basketball and his favorite color is green. Also his favorite thing to do in his free time is to go camping with his family. Five things no one knows about Mr. Krebs is that he has five brothers and two sisters, he graduated from Southern Utah State, he spent two years in Ireland, he’s been to about forty-five of the states, and lastly his favorite subject in school was not math.

Some of Mr. Krebs’ students, Kensey Simons, Aspen Mcarty, and Mona Olson said that they all like Mr. Krebs. Kensey, an eighth grader, said that she likes Mr. Krebs because he is very helpful and he’s a good teacher.  Aspen, another eighth grader, said that she likes him because he works out the problem and makes sure you understand the math that he is teaching. Mona Olson, an eighth grader, explained that she likes him because he is a really good teacher.

Kensey’s favorite thing about Mr. Krebs is that he’s so chill and nice. Aspen’s favorite thing about him is he is good at teaching and he is very nice. Mona’s favorite thing about him is how chill he is. Although these girls have him this year they haven’t had him any other year. All these girls thought that his favorite sport was golf and although he does like golf he likes basketball more.

I think it’s safe to say that everyone at SJHS will greatly miss Mr. Krebs.