Spotlight on Mrs.Jackson

Article by Jenny Wallentine and Chandler Kiser - SJHS Student Staff Writer

For 21 years, Mrs Jackson has faithfully taught  as our math teacher at Springville Junior High School,

When asked “ Why did you become a math teacher ” she said that it was   always very fun and interesting for her and that she had a math teacher in elementary that let her work at her own pace and so she loved it and she wanted kids to be excited like her. She is originally from Indiana and therefore her favorite team is the Hoosiers. 3 things that many people probably don’t know about her are, that her husband is three years younger than her and she doesn’t like to read because it’s to hard to focus and she’s been to Mardi Gras.

Mrs Jackson’s favorite food is “Anything she doesn’t have to cook.” and her birthday is May 6th, she loves to travel, the farthest place she’s ever been to is Puerto Rico. When Mrs. Jackson was kid she wanted to be a bank teller. Why? Because she really wanted to count the money, and she used to love to take money out of her moms wallet and count and stack the money.

Mrs. Jackson is a very loved math teacher, most every student who has had her just simply loved her, when Savannah Blume was asked why she loved Mrs. Jackson she said “ because she is AMAZING! ” Jackson Kiser also said “ she is the best math teacher ever ” and Sara Watabe said “ Mrs. Jackson explained everything really well and I loved how she had us write notes in a packet ”.

So it seems that at Springville Junior High School most of the student that had Mrs. Jackson Love her, we all hope that Mrs.Jackson will continue teaching at SJHS for a long time.