Spotlight on Ms. Shepherd the dean of SJHS

Saydie Vanleuven SJHS Student Staff Writer


Ms. Shepherd was asked a few questions about herself, one of the questions was how long have you been a principal and she responded “ this is my second year as a principal.” Another asked question was why did you decide to be a principal, she said that she wanted to become a principal because she likes to work with students and teacher and this job gives her the perfect opportunity to work with them both. The last question she was asked was, do you want to continue to work at Springville Junior High School.  She said that she did want to continue working at Springville Junior High School because it gives her a chance to interact with people more and she gets to talk to everyone.

A few students at SJHS were asked why they like Ms. Shepherd. The first person asked said they like her because she was the only nice principal. The second student asked was Hailey Gabbitas and she said that she like Ms. Shepherd because she’s nice and she always listens to what you have to say. The next person asked was Allison Stocking and she said that she tries to help you as much as she can and tries to solve problems with people. The last student that was asked was Dylan Miles, he said he liked her because she is always smiling and she’s also nice.

Ms. Shepherd, the dean of Springville Junior HIgh School, is nice, always smiling, and very helpful to all.

We are all so lucky to have her! Whoever needs help you can always count on Ms. Shepherd to be there.