Spotlight: Skye & Brylee Boschee

Article written by student: Remick Whiting

Skye and Brylee Boschee are some great friends and even though school may stress them out some times, they are always so cheerful. We asked Skye what she likes most about herself she said “That I am a unicorn loving country girl.” Brylee likes that she ”Is in love with watermelon I have a watermelon candy bag in my backpack” she says. One thing that makes them both happy is being with each other. “Because we don't get to see each other a lot because we are always busy“ Brylee said. What’s one of the hardest things about being twins “We get in fights about stuff that's not even that big of a deal”. Some of the sports Skye and Brylee played are soccer and cheerleading. Skye’s favorite thing to do is to sing and dance. There you go that's Skye and Brylee Boschee for you. Hope you can get to know them better and maybe see them dance or sing for you.