Springville Track 2019

Article written by student: Sarah Hubbard

Relay, distance, sprints, hurdles, jumping, and throwing. Track has so many options, so much to offer. Springville Jr. High track the girls won districts for the past two years, and the boys side is up there as well. Interviewing a few 9th graders who have been doing track for the past 2 or 3 years, Logan Tanner said, “My favorite thing about track is the high jump, because not everyone can say they can do it. Plus its like doing a backflip over the bar” Logan went onto say, “I did track to stay in shape and be with friends.” Ashley Edwards another 9th grader agreed with Logan saying, “I play other sports so I did track to stay in shape and to be with my friends.” With practices after school everyday Monday-Thursday, along with meets on Fridays, another 9th grade track runner, Kennedy Davis said, “I love going to track meets, and being able to sit in a hammock underneath the bleachers during meets.” Kennedy would also have to agree with Logan and Ashley saying, “The reason I did track was to help me improve, so I can be able run faster.” she replied when asked what her favorite event was, “Relay races are also the most fun race. You get to compete with a team of amazing runners.” In conclusion, track is an amazing way to make friends, stay in shape, improve, and have fun.