Student Council elections

Article by Jenny Wallentine - SJHS Student Staff Writer

Friday, March 31st, 2017

Around the end of the school year each year, 9th graders start to prepare for high school. 8th graders will soon be 9th graders and want to try out for student council. This week elections took place; many people want to get in but only 12 are aloud each year.

Right now the second round of elections are going on, many people are extremely nervous for the interview itself, they are scared about people around school seeing them on camera. Molly Hunter said “Because i want to be able to maybe my school better and help my peers know they can always count on me.”  

These students are so supportive of their fellow competitors and make it clear that they are cheering on others even if they don’t get in, they’ll vote for their friends and tell others to vote for their friends as well. Mckay Dalley and Scout Benson both said that they really want to hang with friends and get to help make a difference with their friends.

Today is the final election for student council’s top 18. They all had to present a one minute long video posted throughout the school on why they should be in it and why we as a student body should vote for them. Many students like Molly Hunter, Alexi Love, Jayden Tate, and Averi Smith were very nervous to give their speech in front of everyone but based on the reactions of the students, they all rocked it! So be sure to vote for the best student council of 2017-2018.