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Student Nicknames

Submitted by tara.pina on Sun, 10/23/2016 - 21:26
Article by Sakari Duvall

Have you ever wondered why people go by a different name than what’s on their birth certificate? We asked SJHS students about their nickname. This lets other students in the school let them know what they are called, and what they like best. These students are all in 8th and 9th grade.

The first student is named Matthew McKade Child, a 9th grades, but goes by the name Kade. People call him this because “it is shorter for McKade”. Kade likes to be called this. The real reason why he is called this is because of his “beautiful mother”.

The second student's name is Yarixy Velasquez, an 8th grade girl. She goes by the name Yody. The reason people call her this is because of her friend Sakari Duvall that would call her that when they were little. Yody says she likes this nickname because,”it’s better” than her real name. It relates to her real name because of the two “Y’s”.

Alejandro Quezada, an 8th grader, goes by the name of “Hondo”. People call him this because it is shorter than his real name. Hondo said in response to if he likes this nickname,”Yes, cause it’s weird.” He got his nickname when he lived in California because over there they would call him “Jandro”, but then when he moved to Springville, he switched his nickname is “Hondo”.

Ashley Donahue, and 8th grade girl, said that she got her nickname as “Smash”, because of soccer. She likes her nickname because she has always been called this name and that she has gotten used to it. It relates to her real name because of the “ash” part in both of the names.

The last person is named Sekaquaptewa Groves, and he is in 9th grade. He goes by the name of “Seka”. People call him this because nobody knows how to say his birth name. He says his nickname is “fine”. He got his nickname from his parents, so everybody now says Seka.

Do you wish you had a nickname?