Students Compete in a Poetry Slam

Article written by student: Max Whipple

What are words? Words are a string of characters or a chain of emotion?  Words written aesthetic and rhythmic style is poetry and today we were treated to a poetry slam after school.  Students had the chance to explore this way of storytelling through competition in front of teachers. We heard poems about pencils to deep life experiences.  Some were funny while others were inspiring.

The last four years our school has won in the district finals. Every competitor had their own spin on the slam poems.  The poems were very well done. Chole Slight, a finalist says “It took me a very long time to write my poem and I just thought this sounds realistic.  Over the weekend I prepared. I basically performed to everyone, but when I got up there I was shaking internally. I told myself I’m going to do it this year. So, I kind of just went there with poem in hand and said to myself, I want to perform.”

Congrats to school winners Chloe Sleight, Francisca Hernandez, and Vance Nielson who represented SJHS at the district slam and runners up Shyla Torsak, Emme Trunnel, and Chelsie Nielsen. 

All of the poems were very powerful in their own unique way.  All the poems had a deep message from each of the creators. They presented these poems in an expressive way to broaden their messages. This is the poetry of our milenia.