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Students Look Forward to the New Term

Submitted by tiffanie.miley on Tue, 01/08/2013 - 10:51
Sadie Mangum, SJHS Staff Writer

SJHS is excited to announce that on Monday, January 14th we are starting a new semester! Starting a new semester is more than it seems. Many new changes will occur for all grades that include new classes, automatic A’s and a fresh start at the year. Students look forward to this time of the school year.        “I am excited for the new term because I get a bunch of new classes, including clothing. Everyone says that class is really fun!” said Alisa Boyer, a student at SJHS. “I am excited for new term because I am going to be a library T. A,” said Taylor Wright another student at SJHS. There are many reasons students all over SJHS are excited for the new semester. Chloe Wilson said, “I am excited for the new semester because I get new classes and I get instant A’s. I am also excited to meet new teachers.”

Many students have set goals for the new semester because we get new classes and it’s a new year. Taylor Wright said, “This semester I am going to try keep up my straight A’s.” And Alisa Boyer said, “This semester, I am going to turn in my homework on time.” 

But whatever you are excited for, SJHS hopes that we have a great semester and a happy new year.