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Students make Haan Crafts

Submitted by tiffanie.miley on Mon, 01/10/2011 - 15:02
Shannon Lott, SJHS Staff Writer
Erika Frischknecht made a giant snake in the SJHS sewing class.

Students in the Springville Junior High sewing and clothing class are now making Haan Crafts. Haan Crafts are a fancy name for different types kits you get to make stuffed animals and/or pillows and blankets. If students are in a sewing or clothing class, they have the opportunity to make these kits.

Students at SJHS had lots of choices on what they wanted to make. “I wanted to make a soccer ball, and they looked fun!” said Ashley Cutler, an eighth grader a SJHS.

The first thing students did was to order the type of Haan Craft they would like to make from the catalog. Students waited for their orders to get here and started sewing the shapes together; leaving a hole so they can put stuffing in. Haan Crafts are made of different fabrics, thread, stuffing, and buttons.

Erika Frischknecht, and eighth grader at SJHS, made a Haan Craft. “They are fun!” she said, “[My favorite part was] Stuffing the guts into it. Because then it started to look like... real!”

They started these kits before Christmas and kids are still working on them. Students in sewing and clothing are making different types of Haan Crafts like basketballs, soccer balls, giant green fuzzy feet, and even a big snake.