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Students Shoot for the Gold at the Archery Tournament

Submitted by tiffanie.miley on Thu, 01/10/2013 - 08:41
Allison Clisbee, SJHS Staff Writer

Every year, and archery tournament is held at the Salt Lake Palace in Salt Lake City.  This year, the NASP, National Archery Schools Program, will hold the tournament on February twenty-third.

Mrs. Anderson, girls P.E. teacher at Springville Junior High, attends the archery tournament every year.  She teaches an archery section in her P.E. class and likes to see students apply what they have learned.  She commented, “It was really fun last year, so I’m excited for this year.”

Mrs. Anderson isn’t the only one excited about this year’s archery tournament.  Many students have been looking forward to it.  Dakota Dalley, a seventh grader at SJHS, is looking forward to getting outside and hanging out at the tournament.  Archery is one of Dakota’s favorite sports.  Becca Hammond, eighth grader at SJHS, participated in last year’s archery tournament and is doing it again this year.  She is excited to go, because she gets to hang out with her buddies.  One of her friends, Brynn Patten, another eighth grade student, won fifth place overall last year.  Becca says that she is excited to see how Brynn does this year.

Becca Hammond said, “The tournament is a great way for us to know each other more and provides good opportunities.”  Good luck to all of the students at SJHS who are going to the archery tournament!