TA’s of SJHS

Article by Anya Keil

TA: Teachers Assistant. We love our TA’s at SJHS, but we would like some more information about them. Who are they? How do they help? How do you become one? Let’s answer some questions!

Let’s start off with a very popular question: How do you become a TA? Here I will take you step by step to become a TA. First of all, you need to be a fairly good student, not necessarily in grades but enough to be likable! At the beginning of the year you have to ask the office if you can become a TA for a specific teacher, if they agree then you take a form down to the teacher for her/ him to sign, you then bring the form down to your counselors and they decide from then on, if they agree then congrats! You’re a TA!

TA’s indeed get graded but, like the advisory period, it’s pass or fail. “My TA’s get graded on whether or not they do my bidding” Mr. Hammon, an 8th grade teacher said. He also said “Behind every good teacher there’s a great TA”Sometimes if a teacher has a lot of requests for TA’s they’ll just send the papers down to the counselors to give their opinion on which students should be TA’s

Why do teachers need TA’s if tons are already doing good on their own? Well TA’s help speed up classes and clean things up. All in all TA’s are great people who sign up to help the teachers they love! Thank you TA’s!