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Teacher Appreciation Week

Submitted by tiffanie.miley on Mon, 05/07/2012 - 13:44
Bianca Trujillo, SJHS Staff Writer

At Springville Junior High School, staff and students celebrated Teacher Appreciation Week at the end of April. Teacher Appreciation Week was a week where students and PTA parents did activities to show how grateful they are for their teachers. This activity was put together by the PTA parents.

Mrs. Wendy Chipman, the SJHS PTA president, helped with most of the planning for Teacher Appreciation Week. “I planned the drawing, prizes, and thank you notes,” said Mrs. Chipman. She was also involved in giving all the teachers bagels and smoothies.

There were many activities that the school did to show appreciation. Mrs. Murray’s Service Learning class made posters for the week and hung them in the hallways. Then the Student Council made root beers for the teachers.

Students wrote thank you notes to different teachers and once all of the notes had been collected, they were put in a drawing and pulled out to see what teacher would win a prize. After the prizes had been handed out the teachers were given all the thank you notes written by SJHS students.  

Teacher Appreciation Week is an annual activity and will continue for the years to come. It’s a time to show teachers and staff that we care, and that they’re important to the students and the school.