Teacher appreciation week- Awards and Most likely to

Article by Lizzie Kurban - SJHS Student Staff Writer

During Tecaher Appreciation Week students nominated the teachers for some fun awards and “most likely to’s”. A few teachers were asked their opinions on their awards  and here’s what they had to say. If you want to see all of the awards that were given to the teachers then check it out in the commons area.

Here are some of the awards that were given to some teachers,

Mr. Kindrick- Best South Pole Elf

Ms. Pina- Most Likely to Eat a Pineapple

Mr. Booth- Best Hair

Mr. McKell- Most likely to leave half-way through the year

Mr. Jackman- Most stylish teacher

Mrs. Gleave- Christmas spirit award

Here are some of the teacher’s thoughts and feelings on winning these awards and whether or not they think they are accurate.

In a sarcastic and slightly amused tone, Mr. Kindrick stated that his students are wonderful for nominating him for such a prestigious award and that he definitely is the best south pole elf out of all the teachers.

Ms. Pina said, “ I’m honored that people recognize my pineapple enthusiasm.”  and although Ms. Pina has embraced the whole pineapple thing, she says that a pineapple probably wouldn’t be her first choice in fruit. So she probably wouldn’t be most likely to eat a pineapple.  

Mr. Mckell thought that that his nomination was funny, seeing as he actually did leave SJHS half-way through the year last year to teach at Payson Jr High, but he said that he never plans on leaving halfway through the year again

Mr. Booth was amused by his nomination seeing as he doesn’t have any hair on his head. He was still very honored though. As for accuracy he was wondering, “Do eyebrows count?” if so then his award would be accurate

Mr. Jackman said, “There are many stylish teachers at our school, but I’m grateful to the students for recognizing my style in particular.” He also encourages students to wear what they want and express their own individual style.

Mrs. Gleave loved that she got the Christmas spirit award, probably due to the fact that she does math formula christmas carols with her students every year. She said that she loves the formula carols unit and she’s going to continue to do it for a long time.

We then asked the teachers which of their co-workers they would nominate for an award.

Mr. Kindrick said he would nominate Ms. Hamilton- Greatest teacher ever award

Ms. Pina would nominate Ms. Maughan-most likely to play "Heads Up" with Ellen DeGeneres while Carpool Karaoke-ing with James Corden

Mr. Mckell said he would nominate Mr. Bentley- Most interesting teacher, “Because he’s a really interesting person and has a lot of life experiences.”

Mrs. Gleave would also nominate Ms. Hamilton for an award, she said she’s nominate her for “Best co-worker award.”

Teacher appreciation week was awesome. We’re all really grateful for our teachers and we appreciate them and everything they do, SJHS really has amazing staff. Students please remember to thank your teachers for everything they do for you.