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Technology At SJHS

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Wed, 11/12/2014 - 08:38
Cole Gierisch, SJHS Staff Writer

Technology here at SJHS has impacted our school a lot in the past year. Students have had more contact with technology during classes. “We wanted to make more technology available to students on a daily basis,” said Ms. Miley, assistant principal at SJHS. “Technology improves learning at our school by giving teachers and students more tools with which they can  learn and explore. It enables teachers to teach in a new way, and it allows students to learn in a new way,” said Ms. Miley. 

Teachers also think technology has other benefits in addition to improving the learning aspect of school. “Being able to use technology is a real-world skill that everyone will end up using, no matter what career they go into,” said Ms. McBride,  an English teacher at SJHS. 

Last year SJHS had four computer labs, three Chromebook labs, and one iPad lab. This year, we have three computer labs, one iPad lab, and fourteen Chromebook labs, according to Ms. Miley. 

“There are a couple of benefits to Chromebook labs. The first is they are portable. Classes don’t need to relocate to use them, it saves time during the class period. Plus that opens up other rooms to be used as classrooms. Secondly, Chromebooks are less expensive and therefore we can have more computers per students when we go that route. It is important to have the technology in the hands of as many students as possible,” said Mr. Rowley, an assistant principal at SJHS. Because the school got so many new Chromebook carts, they also had to get rid of some of the old computer labs. “The computers were really old, so I believe the district took them and recycled them,” said Mr. Rowley.