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Teenagers have brains?!

Submitted by tara.pina on Wed, 02/27/2019 - 10:03
Article written by student: Carter Turley

Have you ever wondered what the most confusing part of your life is? Yep, you got it, it’s the teenage brain. Some teenagers and other adults have wondered what their brain does and what it’s like. Well, thanks to Mr. Rockwood, the 7th graders at SJHS get to learn about their brain being developed into an adult brain.


The 7th grade English teachers do this lesson called cross curriculum. Cross curriculum is when one teacher of one subject teaches another subject, so in this case the 7th grade english teachers would teach science. So why teach the 7th graders? A happy Mr. Rockwood said,” The 7th grade teachers teach about a man named Phineas Gage, from the 1800’s, when this man, while working on the railroad, got a nail through his head, and lived for about 20-25 more years. And the teachers ask me if I could present to the students about the brain.” Talia Tanner, a 7th grader said,”It was very interesting learning about the brain, abstract thought, and the hippocampus. It was really cool to learn about how the brain moves the hands, feet, fingers, and almost everything in your body!” Well, who knew learning about the brain was so much fun? Apparently Mr. Rockwood and the students he taught.


The brain is a very vital part in our lives, and we’re still learning more about it, so hopefully, we can get to know ourselves and our own body even more.