The Tennis Team

Hannah Mason; SJHS Staff Writer
Members of the SJHS boys tennis team

Almost every day after school, you will see the SJHS Boys Tennis Team out on the tennis courts, working hard to prepare for matches against other schools. According to Mr. Dahl, a science teacher at SJHS and the tennis coach, they practice from 2:40 to 4:30, and they have matches on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 

Mr. Dahl said, “I started coaching about 6 years ago.  I love working with students in a different capacity than in the classroom, and I enjoy seeing students improve their tennis skills.”

Cooper Riggs, an eighth grader who plays on the team, said, “I really like playing tennis. It feels good when you make a good shot, or when you win a match.”

According to Luke Carter, an eighth grader on the tennis team, tennis is super fun because you get to be active, make new friends, and learn how to play tennis. 

According to Mr. Dahl, if you love tennis but you did not make the team, you can still get practice and try again next year. He said, “Anyone is welcome to tryout.  If I have enough people wanting to play, I generally run the regular team and an intramural team so students who don't make the team can get experience.”  Max Davis, an eighth grader on the team, said, “Tennis is really fun! My favorite part is going to matches; it’s fun to beat the other teams.”

Cooper Riggs said, “Mr. Dahl makes playing tennis even more fun. He does everything he can to help us, and practices with us.”

According to Luke Carter, tennis is pretty easy, and anyone can learn how to play well. You just have to love doing it, and be dedicated to playing. 

All of the participants really like tennis, and agree that it is super fun and a good opportunity. If you get the opportunity to try out next year, then go for it!