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They’re Not Just Knights, They’re Super Knights!

Submitted by tara.pina on Tue, 11/22/2016 - 11:08
Article by Kelby Jeppson

Here at Springville Jr. High, we are all knights.  However, some of us go above and beyond and become Super Knights!  According to the student handbook, Super Knights must be “an effective communicator, responsible citizen and successful learner.”  Recently, we had an assembly awarding the Super Knights for the months September and October.  The Super Knights for those months are; Cheyenne Young, Adam Ferrin, Arianie Perez-Diaz, McKay Dalley, Katie Jackson, Monte Taylor, Sarah Hubbard, Isaac Miles, Anna Bird, Victor Chavez, Abby Carlton, and Matt Johnson.

Getting the reward of the Super Knight results in mixed feelings.  According to Katie Jackson, a ninth grader who got the Super Knight, she was very surprised and shocked.  Adam Ferrin, a seventh grader who got the award, had similar feelings.  He says, “I was shocked and happy.”  Isaac Miles, also a seventh grader who got the Super Knight, said he was very excited even though he had already found out earlier.

Everyone has a different opinion on what a Super Knight is.  Isaac Miles thinks that a Super Knight is a nice, responsible person.  Katie Jackson says, “A Super Knight is an example.”  They also do what the teacher says and gets good grades.  Adam Ferrin says being a Super Knight means, “you are a someone special and you do nice things.”

The way Super Knights are nominated is quite interesting.  The student handbook says, “Once a month, students are nominated by teachers to be a Super Knight. Students must be an effective communicator, responsible citizen and successful learner to be nominated. Teachers then vote on nominated students and two students (one boy and one girl) are selected from each grade. These students are recognized in an assembly. Their parents are invited to this assembly. Student pictures are also displayed in the trophy case at the front of the school.”  The most recent Super Knights have some suggestions if you want to win the Super Knight.  Adam Ferrin says, “do nice things!”  According to Katie Jackson, you should just listen in class, be quiet, and do your assignments.  Isaac Miles says you should do your best, get good grades and “be nice to everyone.”

Great job again to all the Super Knights!  You guys make our school a better place!  If you want to be a Super Knight, be sure to be an example around the school!