Transitioning to High School

Article by Alyssa Badger - SJHS Student Staff Writer

This year, our ninth grade student body will be the first class to graduate from SJHS after attending all three years in this building. Next year they will all be transitioning from the easy breezy style of junior high to life altering high school. ”The change is different but exciting,” said one student.

Carter Johnston, a ninth grade student, said his favorite part of the junior high is the teachers. He describes the fact of being one of the first people to graduate all three years as “solid” and “great”. He’s most excited for driving in high school. He says his favorite memory from junior high was having Hansen in 7th grade.

Gabi Holley, a ninth grade girl, says in high school she’s excited “to have a lot more classes to choose from, there will be more people to meet, and being with my older friends.”  Her favorite part about junior high has been the cute boys. She thinks it’s way cool that they are the first to graduate all three years. Her favorite memory was in 8th grade. She said, “ A kid gave me rabbit skin because he had a crush on me.”

Trae Hillstead, a ninth grade boy, is most excited about “tearing it up on the dance floor at actual cool dances” in high school. Trae then said, after a lot of thought, that math class was his favorite part of junior high. His fondest memory here was fake fighting his good friend Rishy.

In a couple of weeks, summer will be here. Junior high will have had come to an end for some and just beginning for others. Although good and bad for certain students, it’s all necessary in the end to get through life. To new 7th and 10th graders, good luck!