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Undefeated 9th Grade Football

Submitted by tara.pina on Tue, 11/22/2016 - 11:07
Article by Jocelynn Garner

Who’s undefeated this 2016 fall season? Springville’s 9th grade football team! A lot of the players have been playing for most of their life. They put in a lot of hard work to come out on top. All in all playing against all the teams was really fun. They have some great coaches, family members and inspirational idols for their support system. They enjoy playing against their rivals, Salem. The last game they played in which they earned the title of being undefeated the score was 47-7 with the win!

Tyler Kelly and Lincoln Wright, two players on the team, both agreed that it wasn’t too hard to win. Mike Wakefield and Dakota Pace, two others players thought it was hard. Another player on the team, Clint Mickelson, said, “There was a lot of hard work put in, in the end you got to see who stuck out and who were some of the strongest players.” Even though there was so much work put into beating all the other teams it was really fun for them all.

When achieving so much you have to have teamwork. You have to work together. Clint said, “I love all of my team. We’re like brothers. We rely on each other.” “I like them. Super fun, amazing people.” Mike said that’s how he feels about his teammates. Dakota said his team is “Very supportive. It’s not an individual game.” Tyler and Lincoln said that they like their teammates, “Bond, all get along really well. We’re like a family.” Tyler, Lincoln, Dakota, Mike, and Clint all like their coaches. “Amazing coaches. Pushed us and made us do more than we ever thought we could.” Clint said.

These young men have many people who’ve helped them. Family members, friends and big time players. Clint’s head coach on the team helps him a lot. His coach helps him “give it my all.” Clint said. Dakota looks up to the quarterback on the team. Tyler’s inspiration is a professional football player, Lamar Jackson. Lincoln got a picture with another pro player named Kyle. Tyler’s grandparents, mainly his grandpa has been there for him. Dakota’s uncle has really helped him with football. The other three boys, Mike, Lincoln and Clint their dad’s were a big help. Clint didn’t really want to play this season but his dad pushed him to continue playing and he’s glad he did.

Tyler and Lincoln having been playing football since second grade. Mike and Clint have played since third grade. For five years Dakota has been playing. With the many years of experience all of them have it’s no wonder they are number one this season.

Everyone around the players have an impact on their game. Family, friends and professional players are always there for them along with their school and community. Hard work is key but it’s important to enjoy what you’re doing. Congratulations on being undefeated this season boys!!