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Utah Is Better When It’s Candy

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Fri, 10/09/2015 - 11:35
Kinzie Lewis; SJHS Staff Writer
Seventh Graders is Mrs. Porter's Utah History Class with their Candy Utahs

Springville Junior High wants the 2015 seventh graders to know twenty different physical features of the state of Utah, but instead of writing they made Utah out of candy in Mrs. Porter’s Utah History Class. 

Mckay Dalley, a seventh grader, stated that it helped him learn about Utah because he could see where the physical features were. Samuel Gee, another seventh grader, said, “It helped me learn about Utah because to me it made it as realistic as possible.”

Mrs. Porter said, “I think you learn when you are enjoying yourself, and this activity definitely is a good mix of fun and learning.”

Mckay said, “We used Mike ‘N’ Ikes, Licorice, and gummy worms. We used those candies to outline 20 physical features.” Samuel stated that he used Mike ‘N’ Ikes to outline mountains and gummy worms for the Wasatch Mountains. They had Graham Crackers for the base of  “Utah” and then they used frosting to keep it all together. 

Mrs. Porter said, “I got this from my seventh grade science teacher. We were asked to go home and make a giant sugar cookie and then bring the cookie and candies to class so that we could label the different parts of the cell with the candies. I loved it, and still to this day I can name the parts of cell.” Mrs. Porter thinks the seventh graders learn more because they are making it in candy because you learn more while enjoying yourself and having fun. According to Mrs. Porter she is going to do this every year for the seventh grade!