Chandler Kiser SJHS Student Staff Writer


At SJHS, sending Valegrams is a fun and popular thing to do. Many students send them to friends to show appreciation to each other. They cost $10 for a dozen carnations and or $1 for one carnation or you can purchase candy for $1 for a small bag of candy or $4 for 5 small bags of candy.

Victoria Hunt said, that she likes sending them because the fun and it's cool to see people's reactions. She also said that she is going to send them to close friends, and she said that she is going to send more than 5 carnations.

Kensey Simons said that she might send them and if she does then she will send them to close friends. She had previously sent them in elementary, she said it was really fun to see people's reactions.

Joseph Hammond said that he is not going to send them because they cost money.

Cam Monson said that he does not know who he is going to send them to and he previously sent them last year and in elementry.

Penina Strong said that she will send them to friends and family and she said that she will probably send a dozen to her friends.

Andrew Henneberg said the he won't be sending candy or carnations and if he does it will be to his friends.

At SJHS its seems that the popular thing to do is send them to friend and why students send them is to show appreciation to their friends and to see their friends reactions when they get them.